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Non-Resident Mortgages

We can help you get approved by building a strong application with the right lender.

Every year thousands of foreign nationals, Australian expats and temporary residents decide to buy a home or investment property in Australia.

This section is designed to help you understand how the buying process works and how we can help you to apply for a non-resident mortgage in Australia.

What you need to know!

Firstly you should read about how to buy property in Australia, followed by the rules for foreigners investing in Australia.
Note: You may need approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), depending on your circumstances.

Can you get a home loan or investment loan?

There are different home loan types available for different types of borrowers, whether you are a citizen of New Zealand, a foreign citizen working in Australia or a foreign citizen living overseas.

How much can I borrow?

Most people buying real estate in Australia are able to borrow 80% of the property value.

In some cases it is possible to borrow up to a maximum of 95%. However, this depends on where you are living, if you are an Australian citizen or not, as well as the terms of your current visa.

To find out if you could be eligible to borrow over 80% LVR, speak to our specialist mortgage brokers on 1800 771 900  or enquire online and one of our mortgage brokers will contact you to discuss your situation.

What are the features of non-resident mortgages?

The great news is that some Australian banks now offer the same home loan features and interest rates for non-residents as they do for normal borrowers.

Although the features vary depending on the lender, our mortgage brokers can usually find you a suitable loan that has flexible policies for non-resident borrowers and meets your requirements.

Speak to us on 1800 771 900 or enquire online. If you are living outside of Australia, contact us on 1800 771 900 and we can help you get approval!

How do the banks view foreign investors?

Lending policy for non-resident home loans differs from bank to bank.

As a general rule, the banks take one of three different views on applications from non-residents:

Which lender should I choose?

It is critical that you apply with the right bank! Our mortgage brokers specialise in lending to new migrants, Australians living overseas and foreign investors.

We can assess your application and submit it with a lender that will approve it the first time round.

Please call us on 1800 771 900  or enquire online and one of our mortgage brokers will call you to discuss the mortgages that you may qualify for.

Invest in Australian property!

With a booming economy and affordable locations, many foreign investors are buying properties in Australia.

If you’re looking to buy a house in Australia from overseas, you may wish to speak to our mortgage brokers.

We can advise you of your prospects of obtaining finance and help you apply with the right lender.

When you finally buy your investment property, you may wish to enlist the services of a real estate agent who will help you find suitable tenants for your house.

Also, check out the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) page to find out if you need Government approval to purchase the property in Australia.

To speak to experts in non-resident mortgages call us on 1800 771 900  or enquire online today!

Why use us?

More Australians use a mortgage broker to obtain their home loan than any other method.

Unlike most other Australian mortgage brokers, we at Home Loan Experts, are specialists in non-resident lending.

We can quickly find you the best mortgage from one of the major lenders that we are accredited with.

More reasons to contact us:

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If you are living overseas or if you have already migrated to Australia, we can help! The process of applying for a loan and buying real estate in another country can be quite confusing.

Our experienced mortgage brokers can help to guide you through the process and can quickly work out which banks can offer you the best interest rate, terms and conditions.

To find out how we can help you, please enquire online or call us on 1800 771 900.

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